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Betty Blowtorch sparks a profane twist to the generous side of rock & roll. Strutting with the guts of Joan Jett and harsh vocals of L7, this hard rock four-piece is truly individualistic and unafraid to be disruptive. Bianca Butthole (bass/vocals), Sharon Needles (guitar), Blare N. Bitch (guitar), and Judy Molish (drums) follow Hollywood's heavy metal/glam rock scene with a passion for sexed-up anthems of fantasy, and have been honing their nasty rock ways since the late '90s. Get Off was independently released on Foil in spring 1999, but 2001's Are You Man Enough? marked Betty Blowtorch's fierce debut with Foodchain, and gimmicky first single "Size Queen" found Vanilla Ice flaunting his once-popular rap stylings. Bianca Butthole, sadly, was killed in a car accident in New Orleans in mid-December. Paying tribute to Butthole and the angry punk rock of Betty Blowtorch, Foodchain issued the rarities collection entitled Last Call in May 2003. This 29-track album featured outtakes, demos, interviews and live performances, a definite must have for massive fans of the band. ~ MacKenzie Wilson

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